EARN Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at St. Patrick's Church Parish Center at 7:00 PM beneath the new church located at the corner of Moseman Road and Hanover Street.

Please note: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, November 7th, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.

(Doors will open at 6:30 PM for early networking.)

Topic: "Reach Out and Touch Someone"

In this presentation we will cover these points for communication options:

  • * How do we make a contact call, email, LinkedIn message sound professional and dynamic?
  • * Am I getting my message across?
  • * Appropriate - ness
  • * Bothersome or not?
  • * Delivery is everything
  • Join us for an interesting discussion on this topic facilitated by Executive Recruiter Janelle Razzino.

  • Janelle has been in Executive Search for over 28 years, recruiting high level executives to the tri-state and greater Metro New York area. A contingency firm with a retained search process, Janelle understands the client/ candidate needs. Customer service is always at the forefront of each search, the ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE advantage.

    EARN has been ministering to the people of St. Patrick’s Parish, and the surrounding communities of the lower Hudson Valley (and beyond) for over a quarter century. Please help spread the word to those who need our ministry’s help in these challenging times.

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    Location: St. Patrick's Parish Center (Lower Level of the New Church)
    137 Moseman Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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    Career Transition Plan

    People will change careers 7 times as adults. This is a fairly recent situation. So it is very important that people understand and master Job Changes. Many people take what they think is a temporary job to cover some mounting expenses only to find that they have entered a new field for which they are ill prepared. The Career Transition Process identifies many of the topics one must master or at least be acquainted with. The Process is a general transition flow chart that represents major steps from Transitioning out of a company, Knowing Yourself, Marketing Yourself, Selling Yourself, Negotiating a New Job and ultimately to Keeping Your Next Job. There are many job search topics one must learn about to successfully find a new job. These topics are associated with each of the major steps. EARN speakers address these topics throughout the year and the Job Search Work Team covers many in more detail. For more information, visit our Career Transition Plan Page.

    Resources Available

    This section will help you obtain all the Resources you need during your Career Transition.
    For more information, visit our Resources Available Page.

    Job Search Work Team (JSWT)

    The Job Search Work Team is intended for those people that are looking for work who are willing to step-up and better organize their search efforts. The purpose of the team is simple: the appropriate placement of each team member as soon as possible. The team functions as:

    • An advisory panel that provides guidance in dealing with day-to-day issues and problems of job hunting. By hearing and providing advice on a wide range of practical issues, team members learn more quickly how to conduct an effective search.
    • A core network that expands your personal network by sharing leads, information and contacts. Team meet meetings are designed to accelerate networking within the group, and the team becomes a learning laboratory for networking.
    • A task support group that encourages members to support each other in their search projects. Team members pledge a limited amount of time each week to assist other members. The team is a support community of people in transition.
    • A project management team that helps you monitor your progress, providing support to keep your search focused and productive.
    The single most important factor affecting how long a job search takes is how hard and how consistently you work on it. For more information, visit the Job Search Work Team Page.

    EARN Contacts and Member Information

    For more information, visit the EARN Contacts Page.

    Also, find us on LinkedIn at EARN at St. Patrick's group.