Career Transition Plan

1. The Transition

 Personal Affects & Career Data
 Stress Management
     Download Dealing with Stress
 Dealing with Job Loss
 The Value of Writing
     Reference Statement

2. Know Yourself

Identify Resources
Career Planning
Resources: Books, Library, Dept of Labor
Visit our 'Resources Available' page
Download the EARN News Word Document
WEBS/AARP/Out-Placement Firms
   Myers-Briggs Personality/Strong-Campbell Skills
Problem Action Results (PAR)
   Skills Assessment, Strengths/Weaknesses Likes/Dislikes
Career Changes
Interim Jobs
Prepare Your Stories

3. Market Yourself

Resume(s) – Target Market
“The 2-Minute Drill” Download the Word Document
Phone Scripts
Support Tools/Information
Tackling the Telephone
Target Companies:
    Networking - Working the Network
    Agencies: Retained/ Contingency/ Temping
Time Management: Keeping a Log
Cover Letters
Define Your Ideal Job & Industry
Start Your Own Business View PDF
    Business Plan

4. Sell Yourself

Interviewing Skills
    Download Interview Tips
    Preparation and Research
    Common Mistakes
    Dress for Success
    First Impressions, Attitudes, Confidence
    Getting It Right: Video Tape Role Playing
Networking/Informational Interviews
The Job Interview: Your Goals
The Meeting Itself
    What to Say & What not to Say
Post Interview Notes and Debriefing
Assessing the Environment
Thank You Letters / Follow-ups

5. Negotiate for Yourself

Who has the Power?
Parameters of Ideal Job
Leverage your Position
Terms of Employment

6. Keep Your Next Job

Maintaining Network Contacts
Long-term Career Couseling/Planning
  Start with the Job you have
Identify Power Players
Maintain & Sharpen Essential Skills
Techniques for Peak Performance